Beginning Essential Oils

Essentials oils are the perfect alternative healing solution as their uses range from pain management, to skin care, to internal health, and more! Now, if you’ve ever done any essential oils research on your own, you’ll quickly realize there is a multitude of different essentials oils and even more applicable uses. So, if you’re looking for a few to get you started that are used most commonly, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a quick “Essential Oils Starter Kit” with some of our favorites as well as an easy guide for their uses.





Lemon essential oil is great for a number reasons. One of the most common ways it’s used is as a detoxifier. Lemon oil is a great way to detoxify a variety of different organs. We recommend using about 3 -5 drops for a 16oz glass of water, depending upon how strong you want it to taste. Lemon essential oil is also commonly used to help aid in soothing sore throats as well as treating seasonal allergy symptoms.


Eucalyptus essential oil does wonders for the respiratory system. Like Lemon essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil is also great for battling those pesky seasonal allergy symptoms. It’s great at breaking up congestion, allowing you to breath more easily. One way to use Eucalyptus essential oil is to put it into a diffuser whenever you run across any stubborn respiratory issues.


Peppermint essential oil is another great essential oil because of the variety of uses it has. Perhaps one of the most common uses for Peppermint essential oil is to help relieve pain symptoms associated with headaches and migraines. Simply place a drop on your temples, neck, and even forehead, depending upon where you’re experiencing the majority of your pain. Another use for Peppermint essential oil is to help soothe an upset digestive system. Place a few drops into your water, as you would the Lemon essential oil. Peppermint essential oil is also great for staying awake. If you’re having a groggy morning or slow afternoon and want a quick little pick-me-up without having to turn to caffeine, give some Peppermint essential oil a try! The smell alone is enough to alert your senses and perk you back up.


Lavender essential oil is often referred to as the calming essential oil. Lavender is known to promote deep, restful sleep as well as tackle symptoms associated with anxiety. You can place Lavender essential oil into a diffuser before bed, or there are various pillow sprays you can spritz on your pillow or sheets. Lavender essential oil is also calming in the way that you can use it to soothe skin irritations and treat burns. Using it for treating burns provides instant pain relief and has the potential to heal burns within just a few hours, depending upon the severity of the burn.


Oregano essential oil is the ultimate healing essential oil! It works wonders to fight off virus and infections. We recommend putting a few drops into an empty capsule and taking it orally. It is a great essential oil for a multitude of viruses and infections, so next time you’re struggling with one of these, give Oregano essential oil a shot before turning to antibiotics.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage essential oil is the ultimate essential oil for women. It’s very helpful in helping to treat abdomen pain and cramping commonly associated with PMS and menstruation. It also can be used to help with symptoms of menopause. Clary Sage essential oil can be a life-saver for new moms. It’s commonly used to help control hormones as well as aid in stimulating breast milk supply.


Lemongrass essential oil is a good essential oil to use for regulating your system internally. We suggest oral consumption in either an empty capsule or in your water, if you like the taste of it. It is also great for treating joint pain. For joint pain, simply rub a few drops over the joint or area experiencing pain to help aid in the dismissal of pain.

Melaleuca/Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca essential oil is a great oil for treating various skin conditions. You can use it on bug bites, dry skin, skin irritations, and more! It’s the perfect go-to solution for almost anything skin-related.


Frankincense essential oil, like many other essential oils has a variety of uses. It has both internal and external benefits, but it is also emotionally beneficial. Internally, Frankincense essential oil is great for treating thyroid issues. Just place a few drops of the oil under your tongue daily. Externally, Frankincense essential oil is great for acne, age spots, wrinkles, etc. For external use, you can put the oil directly on the affected area of the body. As for emotional benefits, Frankincense essential oil is commonly used to help treat emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.


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